Market Stalls – Verkaufsbuden

Food & Refreshments Menu
  • Selected Cakes and “Torten” with coffee & tea
  • Waffles
  • Chicken Schnitzel Roll (R35)
  • Chicken Schnitzel with potato & mixed salad (R60)
  • Thüringer Bratwurst Roll (R35)
  • Thüringer Bratwurst x2 with potato & mixed salad (R65)
  • Cold drinks
Book a table

To ensure that you can relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere you can book a table in advance. Under the trees with fresh air and enough breathing space (as per Covid regulations), each table seats 6 people and can be reserved for R50 per hour.


With a smaller 2020 market, we have selected few exhibitors with unique Christmas products – these products will only be available on the 28 November 15:00-20:00. (not online)

  • Beautifully decorated Lebkuchen (Gingerbread cookies) on our “Knusperhaus”
  • 2021 calendars & raffle (Linda Güther / Johannesgemeinde)
  • Selected hand-made greeting cards (Ingrid Jensen)
  • Christmas biscuits (DFVP Frauenverein / Monika Löwe)
  • Wooden ornaments (Tobias Beyers)
  • Variety of hand-made products: soaps, cards, note books, fridge magnets, coffee, Stollen… (Maike Kabutz)
  • Caramelized Nuts (Clifford Mazhindu)
  • Hand-crafted table cloths (Christl Wehrmann)
  • Lebkuchen / Gift boxes: Chocolate-coated Christmas biscuits (Jutta Tschirpig)
  • Spekboom Christmas trees (Karin Kuntze)
  • Candles (Jan Schalkwijk)
  • Hand-made Christmas decor (Susanne Drescher)
  • Bookstore | Deutsche Bücher (Angi Ottermann)
  • Advent wreaths, Christmas biscuits (if something is left from the online sales, please rather order online to avoid disappointment)

View details and photos some of the exhibitor products here!

Market Location Plan