A year for change

This year has seen many changes, and our Christmas market has jumped on the 2020 bandwagon. Here is a short overview of what has changed – and what has stayed the same:


  1. The venue: We are moving the 2020 Christmas Market to our church property. Instead of the DSP, we will be right next-door using our own beautiful facilities.
  2. The product offering: Due to space limitations and restrictions on public gatherings, our focus will be on what we do best – our famous Christmas cookies, Advent wreaths and traditional German meals.
  3. Music programme: Unfortunately there will be no live performances this year, but we will be playing your favourite festive tunes safely via the load speakers.
  4. Table bookings: No more hoping to find a small spot to sit to enjoy your coffee, cake and Bratwurst. This year you can book a table under the trees in advance.

The core stays:

  1. Spreading the Christmas spirit: Buy decorations, traditional cookies, Stollen and much more for your family, friends and neighbours.
  2. Laternenlauf: We will still offer the one-of-a-kind walk with lanterns at 18:30.
  3. Although the market will end around 20:00 already, we will still decorate the area with festive lights.